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Roger Bagnall

New York University, USA

Family Archives in Pre-Transition Egypt




Lajos Berkes

University of Heidelberg, Germany

The Notary Paulos and the Last Greek Legal Documents from Islamic Egypt



Anne Boud’hors

Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes (Paris), France

Completing the Figure of Papas, Pagarch of Edfou at the End of the 7th Century: the Contribution of the Coptic Documents




Jennifer Cromwell

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

A Village Scribe on the Eve of Change




Alon Dar

Ben Gurion University (Beer-Sheva), Israel

The Eye of the Viceroy: Change and Continuity in the Conquest of Egypt from the Perspective of ʿAmr b. al- ʿĀṣ




Alain Delattre

École pratique des hautes études (Paris), France / Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Monks and Monasteries in the Early Islamic Period: Insights from Documentary Sources




Judith Evans Grubbs

Emory University (Atlanta), USA

Slave and Free in Egypt at the End of Antiquity




Luise M. Frenkel

University of São Paulo, Brazil

Egyptian Female Coenobitic Monasticism During the Early Arab Conquest: Maximus the Confessor on Alexandrian Nuns in Exile




Andreas Kaplony

Ludwig-Maximilians University (Munich), Germany

Kitābī hāḏā ‘This my writ’: the Official Speaking as an Individual in Arabic Documents up to 800 – and Beyond




James Keenan

Loyola University (Chicago), USA

The Will of Flavius Phoibammon




Roberta Mazza

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Portrait of a Landlord: Flavius Strategius II and the Justinian Turning Point




Maya Müller

University of Basel, Switzerland

A Coptic Citizen Orders a Joseph Tunic in Early Islamic Egypt (Cuff Trimming Museum der Kulturen Basel III 17088)




Arietta Papaconstantinou

University of Reading, United Kingdom

Women of Substance: Case Studies from Different Walks of Life




David Powers

Cornell University (Ithaca), USA

The Abolition of Adoption in Islam




Lucian Reinfandt

Austrian National Library (Vienna), Austria

Petosiris the Scribe




Nicoletta de Troia

University of Rome (Tor Vergata), Italy

Living on the Edge of the Empire at the End of Late-Roman Period. The Kharga Oasis Sites as a Case Study.




Loreleï Vanderheyden

École pratique des hautes études (Paris), France

The Figure of Apollos, Father of Dioscorus, in the Light of Coptic Letters from Aphrodito (6th c. CE)




Naïm Vanthieghem

Université libre de Bruxelles

Monks and Monasteries in the Early Islamic Period: Insights from Documentary Sources