Thursday, May 18


14:00 Sabine R. Huebner (Basel)
  Welcome address


Panel I: Servants To The Rulers, Masters Of The Land: Governors, Provincial Authorities, And Great Landowners

Chair: Matthias Stern

14:30 James Keenan (Loyola, Chicago)
  “The Will of Flavius Phoibammon and the Late Antique Mentalité.”


15:00 Roberta Mazza (Manchester)
  “Portrait of a Landlord: Flavius Strategius II and the Justinian Turning Point.”


15:30 Anne Boud’hors (Paris)
  “Completing the Figure of Papas, Pagarch of Edfou at the End of the 7th Century:
the Contribution of the Coptic Documents.”


16:00 Coffee break


Chair: Isabelle Marthot

16:30 Andreas Kaplony (Munich)
  “Kitābī hāḏā ‘This my writ’: the Official Speaking as an Individual in Arabic Documents up to 800 and Beyond.”


17:00 Alon Dar (Ben Gurion, Beer-Sheva)
  “The Eye of the Viceroy: Change and Continuity in the Conquest of Egypt from the Perspective of ʿAmr b. al-ʿĀṣ.”


17:30 General discussion


18:00 Apéro (Rosshof, Petersgraben 51)



Friday, May 19

Panel II: Village Authorities And Leading Families: Hinges At The Meeting Point Of State And Society

Chair: W. Graham Claytor

9:30 Lajos Berkes (Heidelberg)
  “The Notary Paulos and the Last Greek Legal Documents from Islamic Egypt.”


10:00 Lucian Reinfandt (Vienna)
  “Petosiris the Scribe.”


10:30 Coffee break


Chair: Matthias Müller

11:00 Loreleï Vanderheyden (Paris)
  “The Figure of Apollos, Father of Dioscorus, in the light of Coptic letters from Aphrodito
(6th c. CE).”


11:30 Jennifer Cromwell (Copenhagen)
  “A Village Scribe on the Eve of Change.”


12:00 General discussion


12:30 Lunch (Zazaa, Petersgraben 15)



Panel III: Patterns Of Daily Life In A Time Of Change

Chair: Sabine Huebner

14:30 Nicoletta de Troia (Rome)
  “Living on the Edge of the Empire at the End of the Late-Roman Period.
The Kharga Oasis sites as a case study.”


15:00 Roger Bagnall (New York University)
  “Family Histories in Pre-Transition Egypt.”


15:30 Judith Evans Grubbs (Emory, Atlanta)
  “Slave and Free in Egypt at the End of Antiquity.”


16:00 Coffee break


Chair: Eugenio Garosi

16:30 Arietta Papaconstantinou (Reading)
  “Women of Substance: Case Studies from Different Walks of Life.”


17:00 David Powers (Cornell, Ithaca)
  “The Abolition of Adoption in Islam.”


17:30 General discussion


20:00 Dinner (Zum Isaak, Münsterplatz 16)



Saturday, May 20

Panel IV: Serving God: Bishops, Clergy, Monks, And Nuns

Chair: Stefanie Schmidt

10:00 Alain Delattre & Naïm Vanthieghem (Paris/Bruxelles)
  “Monks and Monasteries in the Early Islamic Period: Insights from Documentary Sources.”


10:30 Luise M. Frenkel (São Paulo)
  “Egyptian Female Coenobitic Monasticism during the Early Arab Conquest:
Maximus the Confessor on Alexandrian Nuns in Exile.”


11:00 Coffee break


11:30 Maya Müller (Basel)
  “A Coptic Citizen Orders a Joseph Tunic in Early Islamic Egypt
(Cuff trimming Museum der Kulturen Basel III 17088).”


12:00 Final discussion


12:30 Lunch (Zazaa, Petersgraben 15)


14:00 City Tour (Start at Rosshof, Petersgraben 51)


15:30 Conference Conclusion